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Company Story

How we optimized the prices


Average salary of Ukrainian worker is about 4 times lower that in Europe.

Economies of scale

UKRA√ŹNA is the biggest furniture factory of our country. Due to the effect of scale we get best prices on supplies and lower costs.


Wood is the main raw material for our furniture products. Cost of wood in Ukraine is much lower than in other European countries.

How we achieve good quality and modern design


We offer 24 months of warranty
on all our products.


Ukraine is famous for its forests in eco-clean regions.


Our finest designs inspired by best German and Scandinavian designs.

How we make great delivery and service


Usually it takes only two weeks
to produce the order.


Ukrainian imports exceed exports, that means transport from Ukraine to Europe costs less.


We own an MDF plant which helps us to have better price and full stock.

Lowest price

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